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Frequently asked questions


Find questions and answers below:

1. Q: How do I write a clear request for quotations?
: To ensure you receive accurate quotations from the removal companies listed, try to include as much detail about your move as possible. If you can, list ALL of the items you will be relocating. This means, when the time comes to move house, your removal company will find it easier to accommodate your needs.

2. Q: Which factors do I need to take into account when comparing removal companies?

  • Is this a professional removal service?
  • Do they have a good reputation?
  • Do they provide all the services I require? 
  • Do they offer attractive tariffs?

3. Q: What do I do if I need additional storage?
: The companies you request a quotation from may have storage facilities.
If they do not, please visit

4. Q: Do I need to ensure my items prior to transport?
A: We would advise you to do so to ensure a stress free move. Ask your removal companies what their insurance covers.

5. Q: When am I expected to pay the removal company?
: You should discuss this with your removalist. Nevertheless, payment is usually expected after the quote is accepted. The service we provide is totally fee of charge.
Please ensure the quote you receive is as accurate as possible in order to avoid any hidden costs.

6. Q: How do I get my removal company registered on
A: Simply click here to have your business listed within one working day.

7. Q: Why using a removal company?
A: Using removers will make your move easier and stress free.
They are professionals in packing, lifting, carrying and transporting furniture and belongings. They are also insured for damage during transportation and you can benefit from this cover. Please check with your removal company the terms of their insurance policy.

8. Q: Are there any item restrictions?
A: Some goods can’t be transported, for example:

  • Dangerous and Flammable materials;
  • Noxious and harmful substances;
  • Explosive appliances and aerosol canisters;
  • Pets and plants are usually not moved by a remover.

If you are ensure about the possibility to move one of your items, please contact your removal company to arrange any special requirements.

9. Q: Should I disconnect my electrical appliances?
. You should empty your fridge and clean it thoroughly. We also advise you to remove any trays to avoid damage. As far as washing machines are concerned, they have to be unplugged and drained as per the manufacturers’ instructions.